NFT Zombie Paper

We have made these NFT for the purpose of 1/1 originals. When you buy a NFT it unlocks a replica that you can have printed and shipped completely free and you will be the only one to own the framed poser and the NFT. Giving the owner complete ownership.

There are 4 stages of the Hedera zombies 🧟‍♀️ 


  • Stage 1: A technology advanced matriarchy have acquired a new type of of rope made from a strange meteorite that landed near there city. When they first used it it seem to enhance there thinking capacities, little did they know they was actually slowly being attacked on a microscopic level.
  • Stage 2: Before any had released the innocent and potentially beneficial rope they had be uses fused its self to they're sink and by the time anyone had noticed it was to late. What they failed to recognise as a threat was the down fall of their society. The rope was in fact a long lost strain of a ailien zombie bio muted DNA. Slowly but surely this bio rope was altering there DNA just like a parasite charging them into something they didn't recognise. It started with an increase in eye sight, strength, intelligence and a tendency for violence. Unfortunately anyone who came into contact with them was either destined for death or to be turnt.
  • Stage 3: What followed was the end of their civilisation as the new it. Completely under the control of the bio rope the became mindless zombies 🧟‍♀️ only seeking to spread the contagion. Unfortunately the meteorite landed on a extremely intelligent planet, and it took full advantage of this creating intergalactic weapons to continue the spread of the epidemic. It went as far as even creating space travel so it could over see its demise on the universe.
  • Stage 4: Foot soldiers they have acquired this name because all we know about them is how their feet look. This information came from close contact of people who were hiding under beds and tables who managed to escape with there lives and fotos from low angles. There not many of these as you can imagine not alot of people manage to make it back.

So look out you never know if its in a universe near you.

As Hederas secret agency you pick one or all three of these stages to keep tabs on their looks my differ but the dange is all the same. We count on you to spread the word and educate the human population. We hand out posters to remind you of the ever growing threat we face.

We salute you for your bravery and support.