Company Name: Onyx Attire LTD

Onyx is a Eco conscious high end clothing brand specializing in bringing unique art into your everyday life on an Eco conscious level. Because we believe that global destruction is not productive.

Here at Onyx we applaud the every day David taking on his Goliath whether it be you're mastering that inward heel flip or heading for that 12 hour drum and bass rave. Because of that energy we at Onyx intend to take on the Goliaths of the fashion industry.


Unique and hand created artistic designs is what sets our apparel apart from the rest.

We want our apparel to give satisfaction to the user knowing that they're stylish, comfortable and unique.  Our apparel boosts a large array of colours and designs that thrive on tiny details which will make you momentarily disconnect from your surroundings.


Onyx is one of first conscious expanding designer lifestyle brands tailored to make you feel on top of your game. Experience something out of this world and recreate your environment with the flick of a swag. Our mission at Onyx is to empower you with the essence of Titas and for you to become the Head Honcho of fashion.


Here at Onyx we will only ever manufacture thee amount to fulfil our clients needs.

Our high quality print, provides enhanced protection from cracking and fading. 


We are happy to answer every question so please contact us.

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